Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Church Valentine's Day Dinner

Yep, the church by our house had a Valentine's Day Dinner and the boys were servers lol. Well only one of my boys, Charles and his friend Danny. John is too young to have helped serve. Poor kid, he really wants to help out more but I guess they worry about them getting hurt and stuff. He's excited about going to Sunday school tomorrow morning because he gets to hang with the little kids - but he gets upset because he has to stay with them for regular mass. He isn't allowed upstairs to mass with his brother.

They looked so shnazzy in their white button down shirts and black pants. LOL They had a good time even though they didn't get any of the real dinner (they got pizza and some leftover chocolate covered strawberries lol) and they have some achy legs after standing on their feet for 4 hours but hey ya know, welcome to the working world. Well, not even the working world because they didn't get paid in money but in pizza and strawberries. I think the chocolate covered strawberries would have been good enough for me lol. I managed to get these pics after they got back because I wasn't quick enough to get them before they left. But hey, something is better than nothing lol.

Thursday we went to Sonics for dinner and the kids had a blast lol. They're not used to getting drive-in service and getting to eat in the car anymore lol. Then we rented some movies, stopped at the Dollar General to grab a couple of bags of junk food and headed home. Friday it was grocery shopping and movie watching then today was more grocery shopping and a stop at Wal-Mart. We've been pretty much hanging out since they got a 6 day weekend. Schools were closed Wednesday for a snow day then they figured they might as well close the schools for the weekend because something like 10% of the kids and teachers were out with the flu. Luckily mine had a bit of a sore throat but nothing more than that. No fever or anything. Now Monday is a holiday so they don't go back until Tuesday. It's rough on my food bill lol.

Well right now the 3 boys are playing Uno and watching more movies lol. We are a big movie family, especially on the days when you can't go out or there isn't anything else to do. Danny's sleeping over so there should be plenty of laughing/arguing/eating until Charles passes out. He almost always passes out first lol. So, I am going to go now, I am working on a few new items and figured I would post this while my action was running. Have a great weekend, and if you have kids..... go check in on them, tuck them in if necessary and kiss their forehead. I bet they wake up in an even better mood than normal if you do ;) Doesn't matter how "grown" they think they are.