Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Freebie for now

This one is a quickpage and some word art and it matches my Friendship kit ;) Enjoy!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I was going to save this one for tomorrow but since I am still feeling sick and do not seem to be shaking it off very quickly I figured I would go ahead and post it today so you all will be sure to get it ;) I still need to pick up my corned beef for tomorrow but at least I remembered my rye bread while we were in Dickson this past weekend.

ANYWAY you want your freebie right? This one is a little large and I did not remember to separate the files sorry. Click on the image to get your download and remember NO FILE SHARING and a little Love goes a long way ;)

OMG It's ANOTHER Freebieeeee lol

I made this mini-kit to do some layouts of Charles & Alex playing football and I thought I would share it with you ;) I hope you enjoy it! As always just clck on the image to be taken to your download and NO FILE SHARING PLEASE!

OMG It's a Freebie!!!!!!

Finally lol. This one is a Valentine's Day Freebie I had made. I know it's late but hey who couldn't use some love charms anytime of the year? I hope you enjoy these. PLEASE remember no sharing, if you think someone would like these send them here to grab them ok? Also, please note that the hearts are on a PSD file not png but they should work just the same if you have a program which works with PSD files ;)

An eventful week or so

So this past week or so was filled with happy things. Both of the boys got to their doctor and we were able to get their meds again! YEAH!!!!!! Finally after more than a month of them not being on them they can function again. They both feel much better now. (and my sanity is slowly returning ;) )

After Johnathan's doctor appointment Thursday morning we stopped at Kroeger which is the only place to get decent Italian bread and we laughed when we saw this in the parking lot:

Johnathan kept saying "OMG is that the real Ghost Hunters?" LOL He was very tickled over the whole thing.

Charles's birthday was the 7th and he was pretty happy with all that he got. Besides the workout bench and weights we had gotten him, we also got him a Razor phone. Then with the money his Grandpa sent him he bought a pair of the steel toe workboots and an mp3 player. Johnathan went to trade in a bunch of his GameCube games and ended up making $62 that he was able to spend! So he bought himself 4 used games and got his brother Resident Evil 4 and Hitman 2 for his PS2 ;) I thought that was pretty sweet when he walked in and said Happy Late Birthday! Charles had already played RE4 but wanted to do it again now that RE5 is out.

If you haven't checked out my Facebook page, I had posted a photo of me standing in front of Kenny Chesney's tour bus! LOL He had been there since the day before scouting out places to film his new video and signing autographs and what not. Obviously I missed it but hey ya know, the tour bus works too pfffttt lol.

On the down side I am sick ugh. It started with just a small fever and a sore throat, then went to no fever but a cough and laryngitis and now it is laryngitis on and off and sniffles and cough. I figure I should be better within the next day or so but in the meantime..... ick lol.

Tonight (Sunday) I made my grilled Salmon with Ginger Honey sauce, homemade fried rice (frozen mini egg rolls) and cherry tomatoes with spinach, basil and mozzarella ;) Yummy. I have pics:

It wasn't until this morning that I realized I never got photos of the finished products except for the tomatoes lol. Oh well, it was delish ;)

It was my first shot at fried rice and I was pleasantly surprised that it came out so good ;) Normally I would have made a salad but we are having serious issues with Kraft and their salad dressings. My family has been eating Catalina dressing for four generations. My Nana ate it, my Mom ate it, I ate it and both my boys ate it. It was the ONLY salad dressing they would eat. Forget French, Thousand Island, Russian, French Country, Italian etc They ONLY ate Catalina, well not anymore. Every "New & Improved" salad dressing from Kraft - IMHO tastes like garbage. They should have left the Catalina the way it was but since they didn't and they have lost 4 generations of customers - I say they should give us the recipe for the original Catalina and any other dressings they supposedly now making new and improved. I mean hey if they aren't going to use the originals then put them in a recipe book and give them to us. Anyway, the boys love mozzarella with tomatoes so it worked out all right in the end as they still got the fresh veggies.

Sunday morning also proved to be good for the boys as our neighbor Bill - the man with whom John works - decided that he no longer needed something so he called John over to pick it up:

LOL Sigh, not something I would have bought myself as I am paranoid about kids getting hurt and breaking limbs but hey, it was a gift so what could I do? It needs some work and a couple of strings but is still functional at this point. Hopefully by summer I will be able to get it all fixed.