Saturday, December 30, 2006

AT&T and Bellsouth??? ARGH!!!!

Well that explains it I guess. Once again we lost internet today. Alex calls them up and he gets a recording that says something to the effect of "Welcome to the NEW AT&T now joined with Bellsouth"!! ACK!! No wonder we have been loosing service. So I am guessing there will be further interruptions of service which is really annoying. I yelled in the background while he was on the phone - scheduling a service call with them FOR TOMORROW - We should get a credit, they took our service away for almost 8 hours two days ago and now they don't want to come out until tomorrow? They better credit us. I was livid. We are not calling them either, let them go look around outside since they say it's nothing in their systems there. Maybe it is a loose cable or something out here since they are putzing with the services.

ANYWAY, I have been working on a Valentine's Day Kit and already have over 100 megs! That's ok though because I will sort through and pull whatever I don't feel should be given out. I'm not even done yet. There are already 14 papers and about 20 elements lol.

While Alex runs to the store I am going to go and straighten up and take a quick shower. See the time....ugh. Plus I have taken out steaks for tonight, he needs a steak poor man - he is so good but so stressed right now. Sigh.,... I hope next year is better.

Cya later ;)