Thursday, December 28, 2006

BIORUST - Visit -- NOW!!

You haven't heard of them? Well now you have! they have GREAT Photoshop resources for PS6, PS7, CS and so on! Actions, styles etc and all FREE!! Give them a look-see and have fun! Be sure to stop by their forums as well!
There should be more links for fonts, actions etc on the right side of my blog by the end of this week so keep checking back!!


Yep another great freebie from DAZ! Here ya go!

Great Summer Love Poses for V4, she was free but is now only $1.99 for Platinum Club Members! Have I mentioned that I LOVE this place? Well I do lol. They have finished their 24 days of Christmas but I believe the freebies are still up there in the forums too ;) Go, look around and I bet you're gonna love it too!


Ok last call. All of the freebies posted on my blog up until yesterday will be removed as of January 1, 2007. This is the last week you can grab them. Just hit my Freebie link in my Label cloud on the right and it will bring up all the freebies I have posted. The freebies are hosted by me so you will not run into any problems downloading them. You can see my freebies in my Slide Show also on the right side of my blog. Get 'em while you can because come January 1, 2007 they will be removed and not offered for free here again!

Murphy's Law getting in his last few.....

licks for the year. Yesterday, lost our internet for most of the day and night and I was exhausted so I got nothing done really. I did most of a layout of the boys but that was it. I layed in bed and slept on and off for most of the afternoon and evening and finally passed out for good around 2 am. When I was younger, I would work all year and go out etc. But one weekend a year I would buy a bunch of food - quick stuff sandwiches, soups etc, I would rent a bunch of movies and would stay in bed all weekend. From Friday night until Monday morning I would only get out of the bed to use the bathroom, take a shower and eat. In between I would watch a movie and sleep. It was my regeneration weekend lol. I haven't had one of those in about 15 years. My point is that is probably what happened yesterday - my body said ok woman time for regeneration lol. I cooked dinner yesterday I made pork chops and rice and beans and a salad (Alex made the salad lol) but after that, I was toast. I also hadn't taken my meds yesterday because I got up late and then I forgot - then I remembered but it was already around 2pm so I said, I won't take it today. I have taken my pill today and obviously we do have internet so hopefull today will be more productive. I also have to get Charles' geography work uploaded so I am off to get in gear. I'll probably be back later, maybe with a freebie or two.

**Just realized I didn't give the rest of Murhpy's little adventures lol. I went to put on my favorite green khaki cargo pants - size 4 - yeah ..... uhhhh....NO. The button and the buttonhole are about 1/2 inch away from each other! ACK! Now you must understand I used to be a size 16, I lost 56 lbs in a year so for me to put weight back on is a little scary - especially since at my age it's harder to lose weight.

I go to hook up Charles' Pay as You go Phone (Yes Pay as you go by Cingular because the last time he ran up $400 bill and I am not paying for another one - if he wants to use his minutes, he can do his chores and buy his own minutes) Anyway it didn't want to let me hook it up online instead it gave me a toll free number to call. I called it - yep sure did 16 times! And all 16 times it hung up on me! It rang for so long that I got a pre-recorded message about how the person wasn't answering and I was going to be disconnected! Finally I get a human - by using a different toll free number - and we get it set up. Now we are at the stage to go ahead and add the $10 for free that came with the phone and guess what? Charles got so excited he had ripped open the packagaing and threw it away......ARGH .....sigh. So now he has a phone and no minutes. I refuse to give the minimum $15 because he threw out the $10 starter amount. I told him when they were ripping threw everything to be careful and not throw everything out, they didn't listen.

As for this last thing, I wasn't going to air it out here but I am so royally ticked off about this I have to. Everyone here has heard it already and it upsets Charles & John so maybe here I will get some relief. We went to Beths for Christmas as you already know by reading my previous posts, and what is one of the first things Charles sees? HIS Nana giving Nick $40 for Christmas - that didn't bother him UNTIL a little while later she gave him and John $10 each. Excuse my French but what kind of shit is that? Charles and John are her grandsons - sons of HER son (who passed away almost 4 years ago now) - and they get $10? If he was here there would have been a war. I am trying to figure out how to do this diplomatically but I don't know if I can. Either one of two things is going to happen, either she is going to say that Charles didn't see it (Nick showed it to him as he walked away) he's lying etc OR that she feels that since he and Uncle Jim are fighting that he doesn't deserve more than that. (John did a big NONO several weeks back and has been grounded ever since) Follow this up with some Nana tears and everyone will be against us no matter what -therefore nothing gets resolved. So I am caught between just skipping the whole thing because it's not going to get solved anyway and standing up for my children. So yes, welcome to my world - Kick Murphy in the shins as you enter and exit ok?