Monday, January 1, 2007

Murphy -- Blogger ate the rest of my post!

Ugh, it ate the rest of my post another time but I had caught it, apparently I had missed this part (which was in the middle of the post so what happened?) Anyway, same time we found out that Charles had thrown away his $10 starter card for his phone is about the same time we found out that the last module he had done for Geography also went MIA -- I know he had done it because I saw him doing it and he asked me a few things etc., So now the end of Geography is also somewhere in the city dump. Add that to his hard drive dumping and that's twice he lost his work. I am not even going to bother telling his teacher this - VERY nice woman - but quite frankly - after all that has happened - I wouldn't believe me either. Now I have to make this kid redo it all again and get it done once and for all. Murphy really LOVES my house and life. ARGH

Happy New Year!

Wow, so we made it! We watched Dick Clark, just like every year, and we made banana bread and cookies (AFTER dinner lol) and just had a nice relaxing night at home. This is the first year we didn't go anywhere. Too much baloney with who is doing New Years and quite honestly no one actually said anything to us about a time or anything and they were all saying they were all having something for New Years add in the fact that there is still strain with my son and some of the family members and you get -----drumroll please --- yep us staying at home and enjoying each others company for a change lol. Was quite nice actually. Then we called my Dad and sister (phone didn't get through for her though argh) then Alex's Mom and sister and Dad and aunts and uncles etc etc.

So anyway I forgot to add another resolution! Egads, I can't believe I forgot it! I am making the resolution to take off the 8-10 lbs I put on this past year! It's got to go. Evening walks will help the mind and body lol. That and getting off my duff more and away from the computer more during the day -- ok and night -- and try to move around more like I used to do.

Yep starting this afternoon, it's a whole New Year and a half a step back to the way we used to be - living healthier.,.. and two steps forward on productivity and financial gain!

Hope you had a good one! See ya later!