Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Freebie!

Here's a snowflake that I made today.... literally lol. It was fun and I think it came out quite nice. ;) It's 8 inches and doesn't have the black background I added it so that it was easier to see. Of course it's saved at 300dpi or ppi lol. So if you would like to snag this little baby you can click on the pic ;)

So I have been busy building kits trying to get as much done as possible. Tomorrow and Thursday will be spent on helping Charles finish up his two classes and starting studying for his finals. I gave myself a cutoff of Midnight tonight to be off and make sure that I have his lesson plans all straightened out and ready to go so I have to go! That's less than 3 hours before I have to give up my photoshop!!

Till next time ... That's how I saw it!!