Saturday, February 24, 2007


Did you like the Paisley Boy QP? Well the Kit is in the Scrap Shop at Digi Scrap Central NOW!! Oh and by the way, my 30% off sale is on now and includes Paisley Boy. But this sale only lasts until Tuesday!

More Layouts!

Wow I am on a roll today. Busy busy busy. And that really is amazing considering I messed up my 3D program yesterday, lost 50 GIGS of content (well not lost I have backups but you know what I mean) ugh and sigh. Anyway here are the layouts from today:

Stars & Stripes by Chari Originals I used this to scrap a letter written by my great-grandfather regarding ... of all things ... hair tonic. Unfortunately I forget exactly how the story goes, if he really believed it worked or if he was doing a friend a favor lol.

Nature Walk by Laura Pitman These are just some of the wonderful Critters around our home. This was fun to do, nice little change of pace. I did this one for the ABC Challenge going on over at Go Digital Scrapbooking.

It's Raining Men by Shannon F This one is self explanatory. I got lucky getting this pair of photos last week. They really are soooo different in so many ways, but down deep, they are still brothers - and alot more alike than they care to admit ;)