Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We took some pics tonight

Just a couple of pics of me and two of the men in my life. First is one of me and my oldest DS Charles. I took that one of us but then Alex came to the rescue and took the next one and a bunch of others of us together. Then Charles returned the favor and took a few of us. We never go anywhere any more so we don't have many pics of us lol.

I don't know why but I always pull my face back when I smile or laugh and I get that darn double chin thing going on eeeeewwwwwwwww. Oh well lol. So yeah that's my oldest boy (like you haven't seen him a million times already in my posts and/or layouts lol) He's 14 and so damn worried about looking bad......or "tight" or "fresh" lol. He must be doing something right, the girls love him lol. Ahhh and me and my Alex. He just turned 41 a few days ago and I will be 41 in August! ACK!!! John was sleeping and I already have a ton of pics of him asleep in our bed and walking him to his lol. The other night - quick story - we were getting into a debate with Charles and John had fallen asleep on the couch. Out of nowhere, in the middle of Charles literally whining about something John sits up, eyes still closed and says "Waaa waaaaa waaaa" then falls over again face down and goes right back to snoring lol. It was sooo funny that all 3 of us just busted out laughing. Gotta love kids, they are just great. Ok well, just wanted to share that and some pics with all of you. Have a great night or morning!

Going on at HODS

The MAY MEGA KIT is now available at HODS! Check out this great kit:


The HODS Team has turned this easter kit into the Idol Gives Back Kit - 100% of this purchase will go to Idol gives back!!! Our goal is to sell at least 40 kits by May 15th !!!! I think we can do it but we need your help!!!!

Go ahead and buy the kit and 100% of this money will be donated.

A Special thanks to the creators of: Tandika Star Actions, Obsidiandawn Brushes, GraphicsFactory, Font Freak, Atomic Cupcake and Lianne Carper.

Pass the word on ok? Drop by the store and snatch this great kit for only $6.50 and know that 100% of your money is going to a worthy cause. OR, if you don't want the kit, how about giving up one cup of coffee this week, that touch up on your nails, that box of ding dongs or some other incidental and donate the $$ instead!

Think maybe we will hit the beach

this weekend. I am thinking Saturday might be a good day for it. I know, I know it's NSD but that's ok. We won't be at the beach all day. We usually like to leave by 9 or 10 in the morning and then head back by 2 or 3, just enough time to relax, take a dip if the water is warm enough and let the kids run around and have a good time. Besides, I haven't had a tan for a dog's age now and I am used to being all nice and tan lol. The boys both have friends that they can invite, we can pack up the cooler with some sodas and pb&j sandwiches and head out no biggie. The worst part is getting the sand out of the car afterwards lol. But it's always a nice time. There's a 20% chance of rain this weekend, but hey.... it's Florida. There's ALWAYS a 20% chance of rain lol. We'll start filling up empty water bottles and juice bottles with water and put them in the freezer, that's what we use for ice instead of wasting money on buying ice for the cooler. Plus it stays cold longer because the ice is much bigger than just cubes. Then I freeze the little juice boxes and the kids have them as slushies ;) Charles and his friend can "Cruise the beach for chicks" and John and his friend (probably the other John lol) can hang out, ride their skim boards, build sandcastles and bury each other in the sand - all in between me trying to re-apply the sunblock lol. I will still be back in time to have fun online and enjoy the sales ;)

Yep, sounds like a plan..................