Sunday, February 25, 2007

OK as promised Pretty Pink Paisley QP Freebie!

Whew!! Just making it, I hope. Unless of course I got to upload this and I loose internet again lol. Anyway here is the Pretty Pink Paisley QP Freebie for the Girls! I know I promised when I did the boys, but I have gotten side tracked and have had alot to do. You know the routine, click on the image and your download will begin! PLEASE if you do download it, leave some love. As of right now only 6% of people who visit here and snatch freebies actually leave a comment. Overall that is really sad :( Also remember please no file sharing. If you think someone would like this freebie please send them here to my blog to download it ok? Thanks!


OK Probably going to disappear

Like I don't have enough aggravation already. STILL having problems with BellSouth. I even got an apology letter for them mistakingly disconnecting my service...yada yada yada, yet still since February 14th (Yeah Happy Valentine's Day my eye) Anyway, we have been disconnected from the internet now at least 7 times in the last hour sot his may be my last post. As of right now we are scrambling to get Charles work up to the Virtual School and then to get some freebies up here and hope fully the Girl Version of Paisley Boy into the Scrap Shop over at DSC. Ugh I have done a ton of LO's but if I do disappear no one will see me in DSC or over at GoDigital, sorry am working on it. There is a ton of other aggravations going on too but I won't getinto any of that. My main concerns right now are getting Charles work uploaded and trying to get some more kits freebies and not - uploaded before my internet goes the way of the Dodo. Oh btw did I mention that I haven't gone to sleep since I got up yesterday at 11 am? Yeah so..... it looks like it's going to be another night like that because I obviously need to work. Anyway, hugs all, have a good night and if you have a drink - have one for me too ok? LOL (Preferrably a Frozen Margherita, no salt double shot of Jose Cuervo Gold ;) heee hee)