Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Item in the store

I am calling this line "Baker's Dozen" There will be 13 items in each package and will be available for both personal and commercial use. This first set of sunflowers comes in brilliant colors and the two lighter flowers can be dyed very simply. I was playing with them alot last night lol. I came up with some very funky and quite beautiful color combinations. I hope you have fun with them! They are available in my HODS store and should be available at DSC in the next few days!

Remember today is the last day of my 20% off sale at HODS so if you haven't gotten those items on your wishlist yet, you might want to now ;)


Wow, I just got through complaining about the number of comments left for freebies on my blog right? So here I was this morning, making my rounds, reading some of my favorite blogs and downloading some of the wonderful freebies. I only download a few now because frankly I don't have the time and alot of stuff I can just make myself. But I LOVE to see what people create, love to stumble across that one thing or kit that makes me say "WOW I wish I had thought of that!" Anyway, I digress. I was in the middle of downloading and was just about to leave a comment when BOOM -- BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. After several expletives and banging my head on my desk I contemplated throwing the whole thing out of the window. Alex reassured me though that it could just be that something hiccuped or could be a stick of memory is starting to go bad or that it just overheated. So now, sometimes over the next couple of days and providing I don't get another blue screen of death I will have to remove the case of my tower and vacum it all out. I usually vacum the outside of it along the seams and in the front but it might just be time for a good vacuming. Better than the whole thing going balistic on me and losing a ton of data. Of course if one of my memory sticks is kicking the bucket this won't stop it lol. At least it will make me feel better lol.

We have gotten Charles re-enrolled for June Classes on Virtual School but am trying to wait and find out what I need to do about Social Studies. Even though he got booted from the class, he got an A. Now I don't know if he can move on or if he has to repeat that course. Or the second semester of that course. I swear if he doesn't stay on task this time I am going to do ........ something.... I don't know what, but I am going to do something lol.

Alex and I have been discussing moving, the kids heard that (nosy buggers have ears like radar) and ran with it and started telling people we ARE moving. Sigh... why can't they just stay out of stuff? We were toying with the idea of moving out of state, maybe someplace nice and quiet away from hustle and bustle. I don't mind it myself really. I grew up in Brooklyn so the noise doesn't bother me really. But we want what's best for the kids. Of course to say that we want to move where there are no gangs and no crime is really unrealistic, you will get that no matter where you live but less action like that would be nice. And I do miss having my own house and yard, someplace big enough to have family parties and holidays (you saw the size of my family parties right? lol) Oh well, nothing will happen right now anyway, but we're looking.

OK going to go and try to figure out where I was downloading from at the time of the Blue Screen of Death so I can leave a comment. Then it's off to work on a few more kits and what not ;) Maybe another freebie is coming, I'm not sure. I came across a few things last night and was contemplating between new kit or freebie lol.

Have a good one!