Thursday, April 2, 2009

So a little rant..................

Johnathan did a Fundraiser at school. I saw a few things I liked and this is the first time he wanted to do one in a while so I say what the heck. I ordered 5 items. I am not - or at least had THOUGHT I was not - ignorant as to the usual quality of Fundraiser items. Sometimes you get lucky and the items you are purchasing are well known brands and you know exactly what you are getting - not this time.

I had gotten a Strawberry plant several years ago complete with the wonderful little pot for about $8 I loved the little pot but alas it was one of the things we ended up leaving behind in Florida from the move. So on his fundraiser sheet there were two plant starter kits, one for cherry tomatoes and one for strawberries ;) Oooohhhh ahhhhhh ok cool $11 but hey ya know it's a fundraiser. Sigh, well we got the items yesterday - the pot is small. I mean really small as in you could make a "C" with your pointer finger and thumb and it fits right in there. OK and to boot it came with some dirt tablet smaller than the Clorox toilet drop ins - maybe an inch and a half wide. No real directions either, it came in a generic box with generic directions and said nothing as to whether or not the mesh around the tablet should be removed or not and that it had to be soaked. Sorry if I sound stupid but I am old school, you take the dirt and your seeds and boom you're ready to rock and roll.

Well so I made the best of an iffy situation and planted the seeds. We will see what happens.

But here as you can see is our Cilantro - it's doing wonderfully!

As are our Romaine lettuce and our two tomato plants ;)

In the house our little seedlings are doing well too. This first one is actually a clove of garlic which started sprouting all on it's own so we decided to plant it in a little pot I had painted last year and see what happens.

Lastly our Tulips are growing again this year which I was amazed by since they had gotten left outside during all of the freeze and snowstorms and what not:

And our Iris are now starting to bloom as well. They are all around the side of our house and a few line the garden we are making out front.

Well that is all of our garden photos for now. I will be back later with some scrapping news ;)