Monday, November 27, 2006

Why are people so greedy?

I must have downloaded at least 30 or 40 gigs of freebies just for scrapbooking and I know I am not the only one who has gotten freebies. Why is it so difficult for people to leave a little thank you or comment? At the same time, how is it that when you belong to a certain site-especially one that you get free stuff from - it is SOOOOO difficult for people to help out a little? It annoys me to no end. Like the world owes them - gimme gimme gimme. Better yet the low lifes who join up and because they have to have X amount of posts before they can download the freebies - they go in and reak havoc on the forums just so the computer registers them as having met the quota? I hate these people really because if they are going to be that low, lazy and underhanded for a stupid little freebie - what must they be doing in the world with the important things?

OK I am done ..... for now lol

That's the way I SEE IT