Friday, July 6, 2007

Sales & Grab Bags and WOW!

OK there are a bunch of things going on! Let me see if I can get them all lined up for you in a comprehensible manner lol.


Starting Today July 6th through Sunday June 8th HODS is offering the "Get Hooked Bags". These grab bags are amazingly priced at $2 - but only for a limited time, after that, they go into the store at full price so be sure to grab them while you can! Now mine is not up yet because of my computer issues but it should be up there tonight soooooo, because I am going to be late with it, I will be offering my grab bag for a full week! That's right you will be able to grab my Bag until Friday the 13th! Besides the individual grab bags from the Designers there is also a special HODS Get Hooked Bag which contains a few items from some of your favorite designers. So you can get a sneak peek at some of the designers wonderful styles for only $2! Here's a little preview of my bag - which like I said should be in the store this evening:

Now, if it weren't enough to offer up the $2 grab bags, we are also running a 40% OFF SALE!! WOOHOO!! From now until Sunday get 40% off of all our designs!


Come join us over at Moo Two for our sale - get 20% and more off all of our designs until July 10th!

Here are some of my designs you can grab at both of my stores!

So come on, get over to HODS and MOO TWO and get in on these great deals before they are all gone!