Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stress Prompt

Wow, well Carla has started a wonderful new way to get everyone blogging. Everyday she will post a prompt and we can all use that to start a post. I thought it was funny that Monday's post was stress. It is something I know very well, it's almost like one of those relatives you have that no matter how much they irk you, you just can't seem to cut them loose.

Stress for me is an everyday occurrence. Right now between still being sick and not having any health insurance for myself, still struggling to get caught up from when both Alex and I lost our jobs within 10 months of each other, ex-in-law family bs, and trying to get Charles on the right track for finishing his school work, I am ready to flip out. And that's to say nothing of my designing responsibilities or my household duties, you know, laundry, cooking, cleaning. Sigh. I have already given Alex a list of who to get in touch with if I should finally end up in the hospital (last night was not a good night for me) so at least I have that covered.

Today I have been trying to read ahead for Charles book so when he reads the next group of pages and writes his summary I will know what he has read and understood. I am also going through his Science work so that he can finish up what's left and re-work stuff he can still submit a second time. This part could go much faster if I felt well. So now instead of just feeling the pressure of getting him to finish and understand the work I am feeling guilty because I am not up to snuff.

There is no particular day which is worse than others because these are all things which happen all the time. My only release really is to write it all down here which I kind of don't even like to do because sometimes it comes off as looking for attention and I hate people like that. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, there are people out there going through this and more. But I guess I do want people to understand and not think that I am a slacker or that I just don't care about things.

I don't know, I just keep hoping for a break somewhere. Hoping that light at the end of my tunnel will show up soon and at least give me better health, the rest I can do on my own.

I promised I would post didn't I Carla? LOL