Friday, December 8, 2006

V4 RELEASED AT DAZ STUDIOS!! MEC4D Going OOB Everything $1.23!!

Well thank God. I was just about at my ropes end waiting for her to get here and she is awesome! Go over to DAZ3D and check her out... she's FREE!!! They already have a ton of content for her including clothes, morphs etc. Go check her out!

Last night we were at the chat over at Artzone and the featured guest was Jonathan Cummings. For those of you who don't know he is a very famous artist and is particularly well known for his work with Bryce. Anyway one of the other programs he says he likes to use is Twisted Brush and BING! I had forgotten that I have Twisted Brush so I opened it up last night and started playing with it again. It is definitely going to make for some interesting textures and designs for my scrapbooking, will preview some of them later. If you have the chance to get Twisted Brush, by Pixarra, definitely do. It is well worth it, I can't believe I forgot I had it.

Well and now one more piece of news, for those of you interested in the 3D world. Mec4d is closing up shop as of tonight. All of their items are on sale for $1.23 in USD. We spent $12 and got some great items so you might want to get over there and check it out before they are gone forever!

How's about a freebie?

I made a LO kit and used it over at DigiScrap (link is on the left side of my blog) it's called Our First Christmas. Anyway I loved the colors in it so I made a few more pieces than what I needed. If you like them, click the pic and download! ;) PLEASE if you download this mini kit - don't forget to leave sum luv ok?

Here's the original LO I made with it - well some of the pieces here:

I am really pooped out so that will be it for tonight. Will be back tomorrow with some more fun stuff I am sure lol. In the meantime since you are up anyway, why don't you head over to DigiScrap and maybe stop off at DAZ3D? Both have great free stuff ;)