Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Happening

I have been busy, busy, busy and to tell the truth I haven't been to bed since 9:30 yesterday morning. And to top that off I went to bed at 3 am so I am dog tired. But being as how my Coffee Shop here in town is closing and my internet service will therefor be hiccuping for awhile I am trying to get as much done as possible. They are closing next Tuesday and that doesn't give me much time. Well anyway, here is the scoop as to what is going on.

Over at Stone Accents check out my new Impromptu Challenge which will be starting today ;) Be sure to get on over to check it out and get this Posting Bonus for Participating:

Over at Divine Digital:

I have left my Grab Bag sealed up and it's still only $3 so be sure to grab it before I change my mind ;) I also have a Personal Grab Bag which is over 100 megs for only $2!

OK Here are some of my new items which should be in my boutiques by tomorrow ;)

HUFF HUFF PUFF LOL I just noticed I made a boo boo on the preview and it doesn't say Paper Jewels 2 I forgot the 2. Sigh. ANYWAY I have at least 6 more Commercial Use items coming up for you tomorrow too. I just have to finish doing the previews and packing them up. So, is 14 new Commercial Use items enough for you? PLUS the 3 new items that are in my Grab Bag. So really that's 17 new Commercial Use items!

OK I have a lot to do so I will be back either later or tomorrow. Have a great afternoon!