Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Did you come looking for a Treat today? Well you're in luck. I have a little treat in this bag just for you ;) Now don't play Ding Dong Ditch. Click on the little goodie bag to get your Treat but remember to scroll down to our SAS-Y little Door Knocker to go to your next stop ;)

Oh and by the way, these beautiful little graphics were made by our very own Phreephorm Designs - Heather! Thanks Girl!! You RAWK!!!

I am so behind today

Computer went phooey again. Dell needs to replace it, I am so sick of this. We managed to get some of Charles' work submitted for school so that's good at least. I have a TON of advertising I need to do so that you all know what is going on next month. What a month it is going to be. Just a few quick things.

is having Customer Appreciation Month so look for freebies and sales and all sorts of Goodies in November!

MOO TWO is having a chat on November 3 for National Digi Scrapping Day for 4 hours! Lot's of free kits and other goodies will be given away so you won't want to miss it!

STONE ACCENTS STUDIO has the MEGA Kit, and for tomorrow we are having a Blog Trick or Treat! It will start at the SAS Blog and lead you to all of the other Designers Blogs to snatch up their goodies ;)

Plus, of course all of the wonderful challenges, contests and other freebies you have come to expect from these 3 great sites! Be sure to come back to keep up to date on everything going on! Oh and did I hear the word SALE? Hmmmm, maybe even up to 50% and 60% off??? TRICK OR TREAT ;)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes I have been AWOL

I know, I have been a bad Blogger but luckily, in a way it isn't because I have just been too busy to blog. I am never really too busy to blog, it's part of my routine. I actually had some posts lined up ready to go as I try to do event Posts ahead of time. Here's the scenario (Yes I must tell the story, stories and drawing mental pictures are all what it's about with me lol)

I am trying to get Charles to do his schoolwork and clean his room (hey if I can multi task they can too lol) I was doing laundry, throwing things out as I went and waiting for John to get home from school so I could get him to do his homework then clean out more of his junk from his room. I was doing the white laundry with bleach which I only do a bleach load once a month so that the bleach doesn't eat the clothes - so to speak. I wash them once and let them soak in the bleach for awhile then let it run the wash cycle again. Then I spin it all out and start the wash cycle again with clean water and use regular detergent and the oxy clean to clean the load gain and remove the excess bleach that is probably still hanging on. Then I put the fabric softener in and let it soak for about an hour then let the cycle finish. So... ANYWAY... lol I go into John's room cause I am itching to get this load going and when I start sifting through John's stuff a freaking roach jumps out at me. I went ballistic, I am from Brooklyn and I HATE roaches. Now mind you, we have been bringing boxes home from grocery stores so we can pack to move and that is where it probably came from cause I haven't seen a roach here in at least 4 years if not longer and that was from a neighbor who lived downstairs who was just totally disgusting (part of the problem of living in a complex) So, of course, I start pulling everything out of the room - after stomping the roach into oblivion - and now I am steaming mad. I put some of the clothes in the laundry room and when I come back John walks in. First I said "How was your day" He says "Good" I said how did you do on your tests" He says "Good, I got two A's " I said "Good" He knows I am ticked off so he says "What's the matter?" I said " I just got attacked by a roach in your room and I swear to God, that if you don't clean out that room right now, you won't see daylight till you get married" And so the conversation begins, actually a conversation that turns into an argument cause he wants to sit around first, he's hot, he's tired, he's hungry. "I don't care, cause if you had cleaned your room before, this wouldn't have happned" Yada yada, Suddenly, my blood pressure must have shot up cause I got dizzy, my stomach felt like all my ulcers suddenly wanted to speak up and I got that woozy flush feeling through my whole body. I must have gone pale too cause John did when he looked at me and he ran over to me. He helped me to the bathroom where I stayed for about 15 minutes trying to get composure. I did but then I felt hot and cold at the same time and just couldn't get a hold of myself. I sent Alex an e-mail and climbed into bed. I was sweating like crazy but shaking so bad that I actually shook the bed for about 3 hours. When Alex got home and took my temperature it came up 102.3. My whole body was steaming except for my feet which were both ice cold. He took care of me all night with cold compresses, bringing me juice and water then when he went to work, Charles took care of me. He went to Dunkin Donuts and got me a bagel and a corn muffin, something easy for my stomach to handle even though I wasn't really nauseous. He brought me juice and whatever I needed all day, fixed my blankets etc. Then when Alex came home they switched roles again. I am better today, still a little weak but no fever since yesterday afternoon. It was just so weird how it came on all of a sudden like that. Alex thinks it's stress, Doreen and Tracy think I burn the candle at both ends too much and I think there's mold in this house lol. I really do, but either way it's still weird how it just hit like that.

So, on the brighter side of things John has been getting lots of A's lately, he has gotten two D's also but I told him that's ok because it's in a subject he has been having problems with. He does study, it's just one of those things that happens, he's having a hard time. I don't get mad when they make an honest attempt and just have difficulty with it. He has also taken it upon himself to gt a job lol. There is a lady who lives behind us that is pregnant and she lives on the second floor. She has a little dog I think it's a Jack Russell. Anyway, John walks the dog for her when he gets home from school everyday, sometimes twice, depending. He then walks him on the weekends. Everytime he walks the dog, she gives him $1! So he's making out like a bandit lol. He had almost $6 saved but when popcorn friday came around at school he bought himself and 5 of his friends popcorn at .50 a bag so there went most of his money lol.

Charles has gotten a A on his Language Arts Progress report so that is great! He has been getting all A's and will hopefully be done with the class soon. I think he is behind now though because I was sick so I have to really push him through it all now starting tomorrow. He doesn't like submitting his work without me checking it first and if he has questions I go over the assignment with him again until he "gets it"

On the scrapbooking side of things there is sooo much going on wow. Just to highlight a few things MOO TWO is going to be having an eventful November and December! We have a bunch of Special Chats going on for NSD on Nov 3 and a BIRTHDAY BASH coming up in December and of course all of the regular challenges and contests. We also have a special Mega Commercial Use Kit coming up on sale too! We are just busy busy busy!

Divine Digital has been having some issues with those nasty hosting people, but they are almost all worked out now. Royanna has been working her fingers to the bone to get it all back to normal. Look for a bunch of new sales and new products from me and all the other wonderful designers there! Also be sure to get in on the DAD which will be coming up new for November! It's going to be great as usual!

Over at STONE ACCENTS STUDIO there is the Mega Kit on sale there, lots of sales for your favorite Halloween Designs and some great challenges going on! Be sure to drop by and see what is in store for you ;)

OK well, I am running out of steam and getting that look from Alex that says "Time to rest for awhile" lol Have a great day!

DaBlues Mini Kit Part IV

This is the last Mini Kit from Da Blues. There is one more download for this kit which are the Quickpages so be sure to look out for those. As always, please send people here to download do not share files. Just click on the image to start your download ;) Have a great day!

Friday, October 19, 2007

OK Here's 3

Sorry I have been scarce. I have been so busy between moving, Charles's homeschool work and everything else. I am going to sleep for a month after we move lol. I was actually in my bed before 10 pm last night!

ANYWAY here is Da Blues Part 3. Hope you like it, and if you haen't grabbed the other two parts, they are still available ;) Please remember to send people here to my blog to download, do not share files:

Just click on the image to start your download.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Arrgghhh download sites

So 4Shared has been having "nasty" images and ads popping up on their site and now, for some unknown reason, Sendspace keeps kicking back a 500 Internal Server Error. I'm sorry. I have been in contact with them and they told me to try it again but the links still aren't working. I e-mailed them again, I will let you know when the links are fixed. I'M SORRY!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

So much going on

that I just have to put it all in one post. First I need to let you know about a couple of things my friends are doing and in need of so here we go.

Designs by Shannon Fahrnbach - She has some AWESOME kits that need some love. Why don't you check out her CALL FOR A GUEST CT and see about joining? I LOVE working with her kits and the last LO I did was with her Grasshopper Kit! I love it:

Also Skrapper Digitals is having a CT call as well! Check out her BLOG to get all the details!

Digitreats is giving away more and more freebies!! She has some great treats on her blog for you so why not drop on over grab one or two (or three or four lol) and remember to leave her some love when you do!

has been feeling in the dumps and running herself ragged. Why not check out her blog for a couple of goodies and leave her some LOVE?

OK Onto some other things of interest ;)

NEW ITEMS: These are either already in the store or are coming within the next couple of days:

Tomorrow, Monday October 15th is the Moo Two Newsletter! Be sure to check it out for some wonderful tips, ideas, sales and freebies ;) I happen to know that there is an absolutely wonderful Quickpage included in this newsletter made with my new Twilight Dance kit by my incredible CT Tracy - aka Ambowife! This kit will be on sale for $2 so be sure to check it out as well as the other great sales coming up at Moo Two in the Newsletter tomorrow!

Over at Divine Digital you can grab my Twilight Dance pagekit, Get Grunged Commercial and Personal Use Overlay/textures, Impressions Set 1, Baby Bling and more for 50% off!! This sale was originally going to end tomorrow, but with the revamping of the site I have decided to extend it! Also find Egyptian Nirvana on sale for 58% off! Be sure to grab these sales while you can!

Stone Accents Studio is putting out it's next newsletter filled with freebies and sales as well! Be sure to check out all the wonderful new items we SAS-y Ladies have put on sale for you at 50% off!!

OK gotta run for now! Will try and get back later with some gorgeous LO's that my CT have done!

Da Blues Freebie Mini Kit Set 2

Here is the second installment on the "Da Blues" Mega Kit. This one also contains multiple papers and elements. Please remember to leave some love when you download. If you think someone else would like this, please send them here to download, do not share files. Clicking on the image will start your download.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Da Blues

Well, as many of you may or may not know, HODS closed down on October 1. This is one of the kits which I had up and rather than repackage it and release it for sale I have decided to give away mini-kits of the original Full size kit here on my blog ;) In total there will be 4 mini kits and two QP's. The total kit was over 130 megs and now each part will be around 30 megs (give or take). Here is Mini Kit Set 1 to get you going. I hope you enjoy this mini and be sure to come back for the next Mini Kit! Please remember NO FILE SHARING. If you think someone would like to download this file then send them here to my blog ;) A little LOVE goes a long way too ;) Just click on the image to start your download!

What's going on now.....

My Newest Designs:

Have you been to my store at Divine Digital yet? I am so happy to be there! And until Monday October 15th you can find my newest kit "Twilight Dance" on sale for 50% off! If you look closely enough you may be able to find a few more goodies too ;)

The Moo Two Newsletter comes out on October 15th!! Be sure you are signed up to get it to be able to see all the wonderful new products, sales and maybe grab a freebie or two! My new Designs are on sale for the week of the Newsletter!

Also keep your eyes open for the new Stone Accents Studio Newsletter coming out on the 15th! More Freebies, new items sales, and other fun things ;) Have you signed up yet?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Check out these Monstrous Kits!

If you get a minute drop on over to Stone Accents Studio for these and other great kits just in time for Halloween!

I know this is going to be a short one but I am trying to do so many things at the same time lol. Still trying to get Charles' to finish up his schoolwork, getting John to sort through his over 100 bokks to gt rid of the ones he doesn't read anymore and clean his room, make new products repackage my products, do my layouts, pack for the move, throw out things EGADS!! ACK I gotta go LMBO!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I am a Designer Diva!

Wow I can't believe it! I am soooo happy that I have been accepted as part of the Designing Team at Divine Digital!! I wanted to say something when I first found out but then I got nervous so I waited until the paperwork was done and everything was official! LOL Call me crazy but you know, I could just see Royanna sending me an e-mail that said "Sorry, we made a mistake, we thought you were someone else" LMBO. Anyway I don't have anything in the Boutique yet but am working on changing files names, sizes and previews this whole weekend, and so hopefully I will have something in there and ready to go by Monday ;) Know what's really cool about this? There are a lot of great Designers at Divine Digital BUT one of my bestest friends is there already too. Shannon Fahrnbach! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We used to be on the team together at DSC and now we are together again! I just love her Designs, they are so cute and fun! Always great to play with!

OK I have to go, change files, make previews etc! Have a great day!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, October 5, 2007


Yep, still cleaning out my files (might be nice if I were cleaning my house lol) ANYWAY, Here is a freebie I had made but now it isn't needed so I am going to just post it here for you instead ;) As always PLEASE NO FILE SHARING. Send people here to my blog to download these if you think they would like them. Just click on the image to start your download ;) A little LOVE would be appreciated ;)

Have a great day and weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two For 1 Today!

Maybe even more lol. I am cleaning out my files as well as my house this month lol. Moving is making me nuts, can you tell? Anyway, I made 2 too many Posting Bonuses last month and figured instead of holding onto them for later I would just go ahead and give them to you now. There are 4 files between the two kits so clicking on the image isn't going to work this time lol. As always PLEASE NO FILE SHARING. Send people here to my blog to download these if you think they would like them. Here are the previews:

And here are the links:
FALL FRENZY 3 - Link 1




That's it for now. I have a ton of stuff to do today. I haven't even opened Photoshop today and for those of you who don't know me that is a VERY BIG DEAL!! LOL Have a great day, will beback with another post in a little while! BTW did I mention I have a secret? LOL

Post #1 for today


I just have to send you over to a few places today. The first place to check out is DIGITREATS BLOG. She has 3 FREEBIES for you today! She always has great things and I know you will love them too!

Next, drop on over to KARA PERRIEN'S Blog she has a great leaf freebie and info on her "Build a Pumpkin" Challenge. The PSD is adorable!

Lastly stop on over by PILLOWGIRL'S BLOG and snatch up her pink papers! There will be 34 in all so you might want to make sure you drop by her blog often!

Also, have you checked out the challenges yet? You can find them in the FORUMS

SAS-y SKETCH CHALLENGE - Come see what you can do with my Sketch and get a great posting bonus!

SAS-y IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE - This time it's "Comic Relief" Got a funny person in your family? Have a nutsy friend, animal or other? Scrap them! Share your chuckles with us and get another great posting bonus!

SAS-Y ABC Challenge Hosted by Lisa West - It's not too late to get in on the fun. Come do Letter B with Lisa and have a great time and get a wonderful Posting Bonus just for playing along!

Have you checked out the SAS-y Princess of the Month Challenge? Every month our design team will pick one layout from the gallery that uses SAS design team products. The monthly winner will receives a $20 store coupon and becomes the SAS-y Princess for the next month.

OK gotta go for a few go, run, grab freebies! MAKE SURE to leave them some love when you do ok?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

5 Year Anniversary!!

Celebrate Five Fabulous Years in the Platinum Club
Membership Definitely Has Its Privileges

2007 in the Platinum Club, What a year!…
This has been an exciting year for Platinum Club members who, on average, have saved more than $255! Another full year of Platinum Club exclusive promotions, special offers, and weekly product releases has come and gone, and yet the fun's just getting started. Since last October, more than 220 new high-quality items have been released into the Platinum Club, allowing DAZ 3D to now offer over 1,400 products for just $1.99 each! And we have no intention of slowing down!

Join the Platinum Club today, and save 30% on the Monthly Membership start-up fee!
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Let the Celebration Begin!

Special Theme Category Sale Each Week
As part of the Anniversary Celebration, and due to popular demand, we're bringing back the Platinum Club Themes. Each week, a new theme category will go live and all of the items in these new theme categories will be put on sale for $0.99 for ONE WEEK ONLY. The first two themes released are available in the store now: Spooks & Spirits and Gothic & Medieval. Stay tuned to the forums, as we'll be announcing the other themes as they're set live as well in this topic: This Week's Platinum Club Theme (located in the Members Only forum).

New Bonus Pack for Renewals and New Members
As a big "Thank You" to everyone who has helped make the Platinum Club the huge success that it is, we're offering a new Platinum Club Bonus Pack that contains 40 products, absolutely free. Everyone who has a valid Platinum Club membership on November 1, will receive this bonus pack in their account at no extra charge. This pack ensures that each one of our members begin with a good basic library. Even older members should find things in this pack that they do not have! Check here to see what will be included: Platinum Club Bonus Pack (located in the Members Only forum).

Bonus Pack Accessories Sale
In addition to the Bonus Pack, we’re putting hundreds of related items on sale for 50% off. All these items can be found in a new category titled Bonus Pack Accessories Sale. From millennium animals, to scenes and props, to clothing and hairstyles, there are loads of DAZ Originals on sale waiting for you right now. This category will disappear October 31, 2007, no second chance on this sale, so don't let it pass you by!

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What would a DAZ 3D celebration be without a surprise? Stay tuned to the forums, because we've got a few more things up our sleeve that we can't keep secret forever!

Deals on Published Artist Products
Be sure to keep an eye out for special limited time sales on select Published Artist products during the celebration. Several popular DAZ 3D Published Artists are joining in the celebration by offering Platinum Club members an additional discount on select products. You’ll find these products listed in the This Week's Platinum Club Theme post in our Members Only forum, as well as in the weekly Platinum Club newsletter.

For example, the following Published Artists have placed select products from their stores on sale in celebration right now: Cliff Bowman, Orion, Gareee and Tim Shedelbower. And there are more to follow.

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So, without further ado, let's get this party started!


The Platinum Club Team


The Season is upon us. Noooo not Christmas, cut me some slack would ya? LOL Halloween, Autumn, Fall, leaves, crisp air, beautiful colors (my favorites actually) ahhh can you smell it? Well anyway, here is a wonderful QP made by Tracy - aka Ambowife - and we are going to share it with you ;) Please remember to leave some love if you download it. NO FILE SHARING, send people here to download this if you think they would like it ;)

Just click on the image to start your download ;)