Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Wednesday already?

Holy Canoli! I must be getting on in years because I swear I am starting to lose track of days lol. This weekend was nice, Alex and I got a lot of things accomplished in the house on Saturday and Charles' friend Danny slept over Saturday night so the boys were all up late watching movies and playing games. Sunday they went to Church then I got sick.... again. Can you believe it? I am so tired of saying it - and feeling it lol. This time it only lasted the day and night and by Monday I was capable of movement lol. I should be going to a doctor within the next two weeks. More on that later.

So Sunday Charles & Danny went with the Church Youth Group to Nashville! They went to the Winter Jam going on there, it was his first concert - it was Christian Rock, but a concert nonetheless lol. So between getting to go to Nashville, 6 Redbulls (EGADS)and getting to go up on stage at one point, he had a ball! He's waiting for one of the girls that went to send him copies of the photos, she didn't have a digital camera so she's waiting to get them developed. Did I mention that they didn't get home until 11:50?? Yep, they called me at around 10 to let me know they were leaving but since the food had ended up being so expensive and most of the kids didn't bring a lot of money, Pastor Scott stopped and got them all Taco Bell lol. My son was in 7th Heaven. He and about half of the school (including some teachers lol) fell asleep in class the next day. He said they would all go through the halls, nod at each other and say "Concert last night?" and they would all grin and say "Yep" LOL. Now my wonderful news is that both of the boys have finally gotten their doctor appointments and their prescriptions for their meds!!! Yeah!! As of today they are both back on their meds (John's changed but he has them nonetheless) Hopefully this will help a lot.

And, Charles brought home a miracle yesterday too. He got a 90 in Science!! This teacher isn't his biggest fan so for him to pull a 90 in the class is awesome. The grading system here is harder - 94 and up is an A - so it's a B not an A but in my book - it's still a 90!!!

I still have some things to tell you but, I will put them in a separate post. Be sure to check out my stores this week though, there are going to be a bunch of great deals and lots of fun ;)

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