Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sick of beng sick

So I have been laid up on and off for the past few weeks, Crohns and what not mostly. Then Friday I started feeling better, Saturday I felt pretty darn good and Sunday morning Woohoo I was rockin' and rollin'! Yeah, until about 4:45 pm when the flu hit me like a ton of bricks. Hard chills, shaking massive headache, fever and nausea all hit me within about 15 minutes. We all got the flu here at the house except for John - my youngest- I had 105.2 fever on Sunday but mostly it hovered around 103 after Charles ripped the blankets off me lol. "You're supposed to freeze to get rid of the fever Mom!" Alex started it all and it ended with Charles getting just a touch of it. Thankfully John has showed no signs and this morning I gave him one dose of Tylenol to hopefully help him ward off anything that might be lingering at home or at school. He said he wasn't feeling well this morning but he had no fever so I figured better safe than sorry. He doesn't want to mess up his perfect attendance award lol. It's amazing they didn't both get it as bad as I did since they wouldn't leave me at all on Sunday. They took half hour shifts lol and now we know that while blood and wounds don't bother either one of them John has a weak stomach for vomit lol. I always thought it would be Charles with that stomach weakness since it runs rampant on their Father's side of the family but he stayed with me the whole time and even cleaned up. He wouldn't let me do anything. John however, said he would take a double shift in lieu of what he referred to as "throw-up detail" lol. Where was Alex during all this? The man went to work, with 101 fever. I wanted to kill him but he's another type A personality so he went to work Sunday and Monday. Thankfully he's off until Saturday now so we should be able to recoup somewhat.

Anyway I also wanted to let you all know that I made an oopsie. The Grab Bag sale for Divine Digital is this weekend, I mistakingly said it was last weekend and it wasn't. Sigh, sorry for the confusion.

I am going to try and get some things together here and then hopefully get back to some designing _ I have some really cute Easter items for both commercial use and personal coming your way ;)

Have a great day!


Tracy said...

Oh Terrell, I was quite upset to read that you got struck down with the flu after your recovery. Damned Bugs, but I must admit I did have a little chuckle at John and the "Throw-Up Detail" LOL. God bless them for looking after their Mum!! Hope it's all full steam ahead for you all and that Johnathan doesn't get it!!
Tracy :)

Doreen said...

It was good to see you today even though you were not yet up to par. I hope you soon will be. Lets hope that flu bug has cleared out of your home for sure now. See you soon. hugs.