Sunday, June 17, 2007

Been a little under the weather and some GREAT News!

Well, I don't want to announce the great news yet lol. Sorry but I want to make sure everything is copasetic before putting it out here lol. I am feeling better though so that's a good thing. It means I can get to working on some layouts and on the new kits I have sitting in my hard drive. I tried yesterday for a bit but my 3D program crashed on me like 4 times and Alex had to fix my computer....sigh. I am thinking some of them will just turn out to be mini-kits though because I can't seem to get much further with them. Rather than have them sit there, I will just let them be what they are. I guess all of my kits can't be over 100 megs lol.

Since today is Father's Day, Alex has the luxury of lying around (which he actually hates but he will like it cause I said so lol) and watching all his favorite movies as well as a few he hadn't had the chance to see. Right now he is watching Ocean's 12 and giggling his butt off ;) The boys made him breakfast in bed and got him a very sweet card. I think he is enjoying his day ;) Tonight he gets Roast Beef and Au Gratin potatos for dinner and his mouth is salivating already ;) Of course I will make all the trimmings too, salad, biscuits and a veggie or two. Hmmm I haven't had lunch yet lol.

Going to run now, I just wanted to pop in and say hi ;) I promise to give you the great news within the next day or two!

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