Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy NSD!!!!!

Wow, so much going on! I once again had some posts prepared but never got to get them in here lol.

Come celebrate NSD with us at Divine Digital with some awesome sales! Spend $10 at Divine Digital and get a FREE Hybrid Template Set, $5.00 Coupon for a FREE MEGA KIT & be entered in our "TAKE FLIGHT" drawing! You can get all of my Designs for 50% off and that INCLUDES COMMERCIAL USE!! And speaking of Commercial Use - check this out:

Say HELLO to our latest Team Divine Project, and watch your Commercial Use Tools Stash explode for very little $.

The total value of the products is $201.97
The sooner you grab this Mega Pack, the greater your savings will be!

May 1-7 on sale for $12
May 8-15 on sale for $15
May 16-31 on sale for $18

I had a freebie for you but am having issues trying to get it uploaded but as soon as I get it up there I will let you know!!!

Have an awesome NSD!!!!

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