Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Have the cops caught ALL the criminals?

I just wanted to know because I heard something on the news but only caught a piece of it and I must say I am confused and slightly miffed. Now before you start thinking that I am against cops FORGET IT. I have the utmost respect for police officers, they put their lives on the line everyday, have to deal with wackos and degenerates then often have to fight their way through the system to get these criminals convicted. But this is just ridiculous.

According to the piece I heard Police Officers will be cracking down on where smokers put out their butts. Sigh -- now read that again -- slowly - to yourself (or out loud if you prefer) OK so here I am, a smoker for almost 30 years now, and although there is a person stabbing another person two blocks away, the officer who is writing me my ticker CAN NOT go to this call because he has already started writing me a ticket because I have placed my butt in an inappropriate place?? Uh huh, ok sooooo now what is this helping to deter the constant buzz that at the end of the month most traffic tickets are written because they have to meet quota? I mean there has to be far more smokers out there than drivers being erratic right? I got verbally attacked once by a woman who didn't like me smoking at a bus stop - mind you I was not in the little shelter, I was standing outside by the curb and the wind was going in the opposite direction from her. It was about 35 degrees at that time and I was in NY. I told her she wasn't even downwind from it and she kept complaining so we exchanged a few pleasantries and she eventually shut up. But I digress, the point is that the government has no problem charging us an arm and a leg for cigarettes (currently around $3.80 per pack here in FL give or take and as much as $9 and $10 per pack in NY!) but yet even though they collect all of these ridiculous taxes, they now want to tell us where we can smoke. As far as restaurants, I can understand that completely. You don't want to be in an enclosed place when you are eating and smell smoke, especially if you are not a smoker yourself. Not a problem, Bars/Restaurants though I disagree, people go to a bar - most of them smoke. So if you want to eat at one of those Bar/Restaurant places - deal with it. Smokers have just as much of a right to enjoy themselves and relax as the next person. If people are outside they should not have to listen to the rantings of people who don't smoke.... it's our personal decision whether or not we smoke and when it's all said and done, the only one I will be answering to is God (at this point, he knows me and who I am ;) ) I mean I have come across some REALLY smelly people in my life but if I were to make a big scene over it and tell them they couldn't eat at a restaurant because they smell or go to a local beach or park - I would be wrong .... right? I was working in Manhattan when I was pregnant with my oldest DS and this guy was standing next to me, on a hot train, with his arm up holding onto the strap and I liked to have passed out from the smell - it was bad. I had to keep swallowing my breath to keep from gagging. He kept giving me these weird , mean looks and finally I had enough. I said to him "You know Right Guard works under the left arm too." He got off at the next stop.

Anyway, I think our officers have enough problems and enough REAL criminals to deal with, without having to deal with this petty BS. If you want to try an enforce these laws, fine.... hire a bunch of "deputies" or whatever you want to call them, cut down the unemployment rate while you're at it and let them deal with it. As a Type A person with ADHD I know that having too many things to do lowers your productivity and thoroughness. Our police officers need to be police officers, not baby sitters.

Enough said.


Colorado Gigi said...

Ditto, girl! I am a smoker currently (although I smoke off and on) and I get tired of people acting like I'm a second class citizen because I smoke. I don't smoke in my house....and some people look at me as if I'm committing some kind of obscene act when I smoke on my patio. (I live in an apartment complex.) I'm starting to be more careful not to throw butts out my car window and clean out my ashtray every time I get out of the car (in my own trashcan, thank you very much). But geez-louise, now they are going to give us a ticket? PLEASE! I have a SIL and a brother who are both cops. I think they would rather be chasing the bad guys. Great rant, BTW

Frankie Kins
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Summer Dove Simmons said...

i'm a former smoker and i absolutely detest smoking now but completely agree that cops should have better things to do than give these tickets out.

Tracie said...

Ok first off Police need to keep to crime busting and leave us smokers alone. No we can not smoke anywhere and everywhere we want like we used to be able to do but I belive that is fine. Where we can smoke now should be left alone and I for the most part put my smoke out and throw it in a trash can or put it in a empty pack i carry in my jacket until i can find a trash can. Now utah ius trying to pass a law that you cant smoke in your own car or in your own house or apt. Give me a break whatever happened to freedom of expression I chose to smoke and that is how i express myself

Pooh said...

Wow.. now the cops are after you. I am a non-smoker that came from a home that both parents smoked and my DH of 35 years is a smoker. (he smokes outside and in his pickup). If he forgets to exhale that last puff outside it can set off a coughing jag for me. Anyways, I still think it is ridiculous, some of the things that they are throwing at smokers. Up here the price is out of this world also, I'm in Anchorage and there are very few places that smokers can go. I disagree with them trying to shut down the bars... give me a break.. I don't have to go to the smoking ones. I don’t have to go to a restaurant that allows it (well, used to allow it). And even bingo has a smoking room. Why should they be forced to close them. Do I want my DH to smoke, well since my Dad died of lung cancer… no… but that is his decision. His decision… and no one should be able to tell him to quit (except me of course..lol..) And this is from a person that sometimes has a hard time breathing...

Barb said...

First, let me say that I really love your blog and I really appreciate your talent and wonderful freebies! I have read and laughed with you for many of your postings. Today's posting was a little different. You really had me NODDING in agreement for the first half of your "rant". I mean, REALLY, the Police have WAY more important things to deal with than wasting time writing tickets for "where" smokers put out their butts!!!! And I totally agree that smokers have a right to smoke outside and in their homes and cars. It is when people say that smokers should be allowed to smoke in enclosed spaces (buildings) with people who have chosen not to smoke..that is when I must disagree. Am I saying that smokers have fewer rights than non-smokers? No, of course not! But, by the same token, I do believe that smokers do not have the right to affect the HEALTH of other people...people who do not choose to smoke.
Smell was mentioned several times. Yes, the SMELL is not pleasant in a restaurant or bar...but I really feel that that is not the reason authorities and non-smokers have fought to eliminate smoking from these public places...it is due to the HEALTH risk. The health effects of second-hand smoke are no longer just theories...it has been proven. If anyone believes otherwise, then it is sad to say that the tobacco companies' well-funded propoganda is working. :( Yes, we will answer to God..but I also truly believe that as caring human beings, we would be dismayed to know that our own actions (ie. smoking) had contributed negatively to someone else's health (ie. lung cancer, breathing conditions...).
It is crazy to see the prices that are charged for cigarettes...and how much it has increased over the years. I am sure that you know that these prices are charged, in part, to help cover the extra burden put on the health system/economy for the smoking-related illnesses caused by these products?! I do worry about loved ones who smoke...but it is not my decision to make for them. I only ask that they not make decisions FOR ME...as in whether I am exposed to their smoke or not. Since freedom of speech is so important, I hope that you will take this reply in stride. No offense is meant. :) Once again, I whole-heartedly agree that the Police should be allowed to go after the REAL criminals...after all, there is no shortage of them! Very frustrating!... See ya soon! :)

Cindy Jo said...

We have a huge imbalance of respect for a person's rights. It used to be that a smoker had all the rights. Now, the non-smoker has all the rights. Where is the middle ground?

As to the police giving tickets, I am certain that they would rather be fighting real crimes. It is just that someone higher up has decided that ticketing a smoker for what amounts to littering takes precedence over the real crimes. I have to feel sorry for the poor police officer. Not only is he doing his job, as he was told to do, but he is probably taking abuse from some of the smokers for impinging on their rights.