Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today I am.....

... loosing what's left of my mind lol. I am trying to create two new kits, burn off my old stuff - again lol- get more layouts done, upload stuff, finish the boys' rooms, I STILL haven't gotten to paint the living room argh. Anyway, link 3 is up over at Digi Scrap Central so make sure you get over there to snag it ;)

I have three new freebies posted this past week so be sure to grab them if you want to. There are also a few more coming but I need to full fill my obligations first so there may only be one or two over the next couple of days. We are celebrating Friendship next month over at DigiScrapCentral so be sure to stop by for some great prizes and fun!

I have to make this post short, I have a ton to do and the boys are already fighting and working my nerves.

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