Thursday, April 26, 2007

OK Feeling better now lol

So I am not as cranky as I was lol. I now have my cigarettes (LOL) and I have some really great news that I want to share but can't just yet. Actually there are 2 great pieces of news but I need to hold onto them until everything is set. Don't want to count my chickens before they are hatched (although their beaks are already poking out of the shells lol)

Some good news that I can share is that my youngest - John - got a 4.5 on his FCAT Writing portion which is really cool! So he has passed that and we don't have to worry about that anymore this year. Did I tell you that Charles got an A as his final grade on Social Studies? Yep he sure did, now we have to rush him through the rest of his work so he can get all caught up and head off to High School with everyone else in August. I have some new stuff hitting the shop this weekend too so keep an eye out for them. They are part of my new Romance Collection. Here are some previews:

Right now I am working on some papers and ribbons and brads etc. This way you can build your own kit instead of having to take everything. They are reasonably priced too so be sure to check them out this weekend!

Gotta go and jump back into my papers so I will cya later ;)

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What kind of crap is that...nobody posted on your blog on MY
Blog looks awesome sweetie.