Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend post

I typed up my posts over the weekend so I could speed things up when I got here to the coffee shop lol. All personal posts are here at the top. If you are looking for just my Scrapping info scroll down in this post to get to it ;)


Another insane weekend lol. Did I tell you that since last Friday - the 18th - we have had a minimum of 3 boys at our house? For almost a week we had 4 here. It started out with one friend of John's and one of Charles' then it ended up being 2 of Charles' friends and now it's down to just one friend. Feeding 4 boys is a workout on both you and your wallet LMBO It was pretty cool though having them all here. They played video games, went to work for the guy up the road, helped clean up the house (which is what I liked best lol) played regular games, watched movies, went to the pond to go swimming, road bikes etc. It was very cool indeed. Of course we also took them to the coffee shop with us when we made it there too.

Today John helped me with the garden. I have been wanting to do it before it was too late. I have some seeds and bulbs I wanted to plant as well as a few Marigolds (they are great at keeping ants and other insects away). The problem was, as we found out at the last minute, that the roots from old plants and the grass and weeds were horrendous. I couldn't just get them out with a spade like I am used to doing. So we went yesterday and got a hoe and a shovel and today John helped me dig out the first area. Here is a shot as he is swinging away with the hoe.

Of course we had a heckuva time since I can't really do a lot. I start to get sore quickly because I guess my muscles and stuff still need time to heal. John swung away and then hopped on the shovel like a jack rabbit until the dirt was all turned up. Then we went back in and starting shaking out the roots to keep the good soil and made a mound about 3 feet in width and about a foot and a half high. Then the neighbor came by with his tractor and hauled it away for me, wasn't that nice? I am still trying to get used to friendly people. He is also the man that the boys go to work for so we know him already. He has the goats behind us and those awesome white furball dogs lol.

Of course we came across a lot of bugs while we were digging. We found a huge nest of the bugs I have always referred to as "Pillbugs" they are grey in color and kinda remind me of little armadillos and when you touch their belly or their feet they curl up in a ball. John got a kick out of those. Then there were crickets, worms and spiders - ACK I can do without the spiders thank you very much. Then we saw something really creepy. It reminds me of a grub although I am not sure if that's what they are or not. Look at this thing, isn't it big and nasty?

We found a couple of smaller ones too but EEEWWWWWWW. So we managed to get this first spot cleared out enough to start planting. We put in 5 plants alongside the stairs and then planted 36 Marigold plants. I am hoping they spread out soon, fill in the gaps and keep blooming to keep the bugs away. I bought some other flowers too but they are more for fill than anything. I haven't found many other plants that I want right now that are in my price range. It seems they haven't gotten all of their deliveries yet or maybe they just don't carry them here in Tennessee. I figure I will keep looking for another week or two and see what they come out with, otherwise I will just have to make due with what they do have. They did have some pretty Azalea bushes so I might get a few of those. Two of my Irises bloomed already but they die so quickly. Daffodils seem to grow wild here, everywhere I look there are tons of them. Except for my property lol. We only have like two spots where they are growing and there aren't very many. Anyway, here is a shot of the area John and I worked on today. He really did an awesome job.

So that was mine and John's day. Charles & Robie (the kid who has been here the last few days) went into town and hung out with a bunch of the other kids from school. They went in and saw Alex at work and told me that he was having a good day lol. Poor man, it's his birthday today. I cut flowers from the yard and put them on the table along with his cards and his birthday breakfast. It stinks that he had to work today but at least his day seems to be going well. He has to work Monday & Tuesday though because one of the girls had to take off because her grandmother passed away this morning. So our visits to the coffee shop will be short on those days. That's one of the reasons why I am typing my posts on a day to day basis here at home. That way when we get to the coffee shop all I have to do is copy, paste and post lol.


Well we finally got our lawnmower and as you can see, the lawn can really use it lol.

Only thing is, it rained LOL Isn't that just our luck? Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday we will be able to get it started. Today was spent mostly on the inside of the house, trying to clean up and get things straightened out. Laundry is almost all done, dishes done and I have a pot of sauce and meatballs cooking on the stove. The only problem with it being up there cooking is that it's making the boys very hungry lol. The keep trying to get into the pot and steal some ;) I am working on a garden kit now so I can do layouts with all the cool photos I have been getting.


Today we had to run up to Dickson to bring some paperwork over to the hospital and drop some other papers off at the boy's doctors office. We stopped at Loews and grabbed some pots and herbs so I can get my little herb garden going. I love having all the fresh herbs in the kitchen and now that we have a kitchen window it will be nice to have them up on the sill. I already have tomatoes, basil & green peppers planted outside in pots to start them going. Once they are big enough I will transplant them into the ground but we are still getting cold snaps here so I like being able to just bring the pot in the house if one of them pops up.

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Elizabeth said...

I liked hearing about the boys eating, too funny. When my son was a teenager and had friends over I just opened the fridge up and started pulling things out. They didn't even care if they ate the same thing as each other and would totally clear the fridge out. They never complained it wasn't "normal dinner". Not picky at all, haha!